Digiovi™ is a new mobile, easy to use and economic

SaaS based access control overall solution


Digiovi™ is a SaaS service (Software as a Service) for access control. Access is easily controlled from your laptop’s or smartphone’s browser without installing separate applications or software. Here are some advantages and useful features of the Digiovi™ system:

  • Keyless / Say goodbye to heavy keychains and expensive locksmith services
  • Safe and secure / Digiovi™ works every time and is absolutely safe to use. Digiovi™ uses the same technology as many financial institutions
  • Enables business growth / With Digiovi™ you can simultaneously control multiple targets from a door reader
  • Easy to use / It is easier than ever to add and remove access credentials and tags
  • Mobile / Operate your Digiovi™ system from tablet or smartphone
  • Remote door opening / Open doors remotely. Welcome to the era of digital doors


It is simple and easy to get Digiovi™ access control solution. Choose a PIN, credential or biometric reader from our selection of different models and colors. As a credential you can choose from RFID card, tag, wristband or even your smartphone.

Next step in getting your Digiovi™ solution is to have the selected system assembled by our official assembling partner. At this stage access control readers, controllers and possible new locks are installed to your doors, gates and other sites and environments.

Digiovi™ access control and management as a service is now ready to use. You can add and remove credentials and tags from your web browser. Operating system allows you to manage multiple sites simultaneously from a device – regardless of time and place.


Please watch a video of Digiovi™ access control solution

Digiovi’s user interface is really easy to use and works fine from my phone. I often use the remote open feature from my phone. It is very handy. – Cabin Rental Entrepreneur, 28

With Digiovi we don’t need to keep a key register. It has made both our and our clients’ life easier and increased security. – Superintendent, 43

Digiovi is reliable and user support has been friendly and professional. I’ve been able to concentrate on my business. – Entrepreneur, 36,

Digiovi™ access control is easy to use. The system can be operated with common web browsers and it scales to your screen. You can start using Digiovi™ without attending any initialization courses. Just plug ’n’ play – Access management has never been so simple

We are more than happy to give you additional information on systems available. We are sure that we can find just the right system for you and your organization


Access control as a service enables the operation of the system to be economic. With a reasonable monthly payment you can get rid of your metallic keys and pricey locksmith services and enjoy the simplicity of accessing and managing doors
Welcome to the era of digital doors


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